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Asked a question 5 months ago

What is your favorite way to help toddlers stay engaged with something so you can work with older kiddos (thinking homeschool, but could apply to any one-on-one time with older kiddos)?

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When mine were little, I assigned an older child to watch the toddlers while I worked with another older child. We would rotate who was helping with littles and who was working with Mom.

When I needed to work with my older kids in a group, I tried to have an activity for the toddler to do very close by. 

They were often in a highchair right at the table with us. That was a great time to give them sensory toys to keep them engaged. 

And remember this is a season and it really doesn't last forever. Give yourself a lot of grace and expect interruptions. 

Keep it simple. 

A muffin cup with colorful pompoms and tweezers or tongs.


Coloring books

A simple shape sorter

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