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I struggle to get our school going. Routines are in place regarding get up, breakfast, breaks and such, subjects and curricula are ready to go and started. We began with 2 lessons last week, and we added 2 this week, all the physical activities remain year-around and are done independently. While English and Math do not sound very exciting, they are just part of the fabric. We are learning about our Constitution, what it means and how we live it today. This goes hand-in-hand with simple memory work (Pledge to the Texas Flag, Pledge of Allegiance, ...). Our video lessons on History and Science get shut down. EVERYTHING is boring. Board and card games are shunned. When a question arises spontaneously, and I suggest us finding the answer (ask the neighbor history buff, look online, check the encyclopedia), the interest turns to air. Helping in the garden, watching hummingbirds, building a chicken coop, go on nature walks, learn knots and shelter building, ... none of it strikes their fancy. Interest and game based learning sound so good, but what if the students (2x 9 1/2 yo) have no interest in anything but play with their (4, 6, 1 yo) buddies? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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