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Your Lab Coins


How to earn Lab Coins?

100 Reputation Points = 100 Lab Coins

Every reputation point you earn (by posting questions, participating in discussion, and replying to other people's comments) earns you a Lab Coin! At the beginning of each month, we award Lab Coins in increments of 100 for anyone who has passed another 100 point milestone in reputation!

Thank you for being a part of the Community. Your participation is valuable and essential. And this is our way of saying "Thanks a bunch!"

Learn more about earning Lab Coins.

How to redeem Lab Coins?

500 Lab Coins = $5 Store Credit
900 Lab Coins = $10 Store Credit
1700 Lab Coins = $20 Store Credit

Once you've earned at least 500 Lab Coins you can redeem them for store credit in the Sibling Relationship Lab shop!